About Us

We work in partnership with Tony's tattoo studio which is a successfull tattoo studio in the heart of surrey that has been established since 1990. After many years of witnessing amatuer and poor quality work, we decided to offer a way of either lightening the tattoo to cover more easily or even completley removing it. After finding Lynton a company in partnership with manchester university we decided to go for it and have been succesfully removing tattos for the last 4 years, we also offer great value for money on one of the leading machines in the market

Here at Tattoo-Away we use leading laser technology to remove all colour pigments from unwanted tattoos. We use Q-Switch + machine which has 3 different lasers, We Use Nd-yag laser which deals with ink pigments such as black and very dark colours, we also use Kt 532 which removes all other colours (except green) in the spectrum such as red/yellow ect . Our machine also comes equipped with a Ruby laser which is the only laser that will effect the green colour pigment. Therefore without using a Ruby laser it will be impossible to remove green at al